CSLP@Context07: 4th International Workshop on Constraints and Language Processing

Program - Monday 20 August 2007

09:30-10:35 First session - Chair: Jørgen Villadsen

Welcome (09:30-09:35)

Henning Christiansen, Christian Theil Have and Knut Tveitane
Reasoning about Use Cases using Logic Grammars and Constraints

Kristina Spranger and Ulrich Heid
Applying Constraints derived from the Context in the process of Incremental Sortal Specification of German ung-Nominalizations

11:30-12:45 Second session - Chair: Henning Christiansen

Annelies Braffort - Invited Speaker
Sign Language Processing: Modelling of spatio-temporal constraints

14:00-15:30 Third session - Chair: Philippe Blache

Gemma Bel-Enguix and M. Dolores Jiménez-López
Linguistic Context Solving with Membranes. A Preview

Barbara Hemforth, Joël Pynte and Emmanuel Bellengier
Making sense out of nonsense: The acceptability of repairs

Antoine Widlöcher and Patrice Enjalbert
Constraint-based Analysis of Discourse Structure

16:00-17:05 Fourth session - Chair: Maria Dolores Jiménez-López

Veronica Dahl and Baohua Gu
A CHRG Analysis of ambiguity in Biological Texts

Philippe Blache
"Model Theoretic Syntax is not Generative Enumerative Syntax with constraints": under what condition?

Concluding remarks (17:00-17:05)

Evening: Informal workshop dinner (if interest)

Note that all talks - except by the invited speaker - are expected to take 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion. updated 27 July 2007 by Jørgen Villadsen