The CONTROL project: Publications

The following list includes research papers and edited works made with reference to the CONTROL project and with at least one project group member as author.

Authors abbreviated: Philippe Blache (PB), Henning Christiansen (HC), Verónica Dahl (VD), Christian Theil Have (CTH), Knut Tveitane (KT), Christina Mackeprang Dahmcke (CMD), Maria Rekouts (MR), Davide Martinenghi (DM), Baohua Gu (BG), Juan Fernández Ortiz (JFO), Jřrgen Villadsen (JV), John P. Gallagher (JPG), Kim S. Henriksen (KSH), Gourinath Banda (GB).

References to papers in CSLP proceedings abbreviated.

Research papers

Edited works