Accepted Papers

Philippe Blache and Jean-Philippe Prost:
A Quantification Model of Grammaticality.

Veronica Dahl and Baohua Gu:
On Semantically Constrained Property Grammars.

Petra Hendriks, Jennifer Spenader and Erik-Jan Smits:
Frequency-based Constraints on Reflexive Forms in Dutch.

Patrick McCrae, Kilian A. Foth and Wolfgang Menzel:
Modelling Global Phenomena with Extended Local Constraints.

Hedda R. Schmidtke and Woontack Woo:
Partial Ordering Constraints for Representations of Context in Ambient Intelligence Applications.

Henk Zeevat:
Constructive Optimality Theoretic Syntax.

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Jørgen Villadsen 2016-04-25