International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Language Processing - CSLP 2005

Sitges, Spain, 5 October 2005

Invited Talk

Syntax, Metonymy, and Intention
Jerry R. Hobbs

Accepted Papers

Extracting Selected Phrases through Constraint Satisfaction
Veronica Dahl and Philippe Blache

DyALog: a Tabular Logic Programming based environment for NLP
╔ric Villemonte de la Clergerie

Lexicalised Configuration Grammars
Robert Grabowski, Marco Kuhlmann, and Mathias M÷hl

N:M Mapping in XDG - The Case for Upgrading Groups
Jorge Marques Pelizzoni and Maria das Grašas Volpe Nunes

Please check the CSLP 2005 workshop site for any additional information.

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