International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Language Processing - CSLP 2004

Roskilde University - 1-3 September 2004

Invited Talks

Syntactic Structures as Constraint Graphs
Philippe Blache

An Abductive Treatment of Long Distance Dependencies in CHR
Veronica Dahl

Denys Duchier

The Other Syntax
Gerald Penn

Accepted Papers

Gradience, Constructions and Constraint Systems
Philippe Blache and Jean-Philippe Prost

Problems of Inducing Large Coverage Constraint-Based Dependency Grammar for Czech
Ondrej Bojar

Metagrammar Redux
Benoit Crabbé and Denys Duchier

Multi-dimensional Graph Configuration for Natural Language Processing
Ralph Debusmann, Denys Duchier, and Marco Kuhlmann

An Intuitive Tool for Constraint Based Grammars
Mathieu Estratat and Laurent Henocque

A Broad-Coverage Parser for German Based on Defeasible Constraints
Kilian A. Foth, Michael Daum, and Wolfgang Menzel

The Role of Animacy Information in Human Sentence Processing Captured in Four Conflicting Constraints
Monique Lamers and Helen de Hoop

An Exploratory Application of Constraint Optimization in Mozart to Probabilistic Natural Language Processing
Irene Langkilde-Geary

A Constraint-Based Model for Preposition Choice in Natural Language Generation
Véronique Moriceau and Patrick Saint-Dizier

Rapid Software Prototyping of an Arabic Morphological Analyzer in CLP
Hamza Zidoum


A Tutorial on CHR Grammar
Henning Christiansen

Accepted for Short Presentation/Poster

Representing Act-Topic-based Dialogue Phenomena
Hans Dybkjær and Laila Dybkjær

Multi-dimensional Type Theory: Rules, Categories, and Combinators for Syntax and Semantics
Jørgen Villadsen

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